Saturday, September 10, 2011


I think that it is important to research the area of history that you are wanting to explore. For me it is a matter of learning about the costumes completely, that is from the inside out. When I approach making of a costume I start from the inside making the garment, which in this case is a chemise. Then working from there I build the outfit, with the finishing touches being the accessories.

But I am not content to stop there I also want to learn the customs and manners that were part of the day. For Regency I love knowing that It I go outside I would wear hat and gloves and particular outerwear. That is fun for me.

Everyone needs to find out what is fun for them. There should never be a particular requirement for authenticity. Playing Regency should be fun. we are playing dress up are are we not. I have been recreating History for along time going from one time period to another. It has been a wonderful journey I started out as a 6th century celt. Then I traveled through the ages and ended up doing costumes of the 16th century. Oh that is soooo much fun now I want to include Regency in my journey. I reserve the right to go back and forth through time.

They other thing that makes it fun for me is teaching all the things that I learn to others if they want to learn . I love to share.

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Beginnings.

Hello My name is Renee Wright and I am moving to the Lapine Area. I have been a costumer for 30 years primarily in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I especially love the costuming of the 16th century. Well that is not really true. I love historical costuming and just recently I have been working toward the Regency period. I love the style and grace and manners of that time period. By training I am an Archaeologist, hence as you can see I love history. I also love to teach costuming, embroidery spinning weaving and a whole host of other things. When I decided to move I looked up the Bend Lapine area for a Regency chapter because I really want to get involved. Well now that is an understatement, I find that I am wgike heartedly going to get involved and work on kick starting the group in my home area. It will be a slow start I have to move, which will happen on the 30th of September then I will have to get a bit settled.
I am hoping to have regular sewing circles and then work toward teas and Picnics. I just took on this mantle today so I have to think of further things but not quite yet. Frankly I cannot wait to make Regency gowns, and underthings, bonnets ( I really want to make bonnets) and all the accesories that a proper lady of the time period. I look foreward to the new challenges. I also look foreword to making new friends of like interests.

New Leadership

We are happy to announce that ORS Cascades-East will soon be kickstarted again with new leadership. Check in in the next few weeks to learn more. :)