Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gentlemanly Pursuits of the Georgian Era

Being a historian by trade, Stephanie has asked me to establish a special area on the ORS main website for the discussion and establishment of manly pursuits.

I hope that I will be able to help the gentlemen of the association to become enthused with possibilities and expanding offerings into hands-on activities for Gentleman. At some point I plan to teach a few classes at events and offer some shooting at marks for a bounty or for prizes after a class on firearms of the period. I can see additional experiments in angling and maybe even a "militia day" in the future...

In the future I will discuss on the blog and hopefully offer in a workshop setting, wing shooting, angling, gentlemen societies, social expectations, dueling; what it's really about, Monarchy vs. Republicanism, military and militia service and much more...

Being that I started my career as a historian type with looking at historic costume and textiles, I will hopefully add a blog for Gentleman's dress, who makes it and how to get it. Hopefully reviews of items as well.

Look for the Blog to expand after the first of the year with more updates and tidbits to interest gentlemen.

Happy Christmas to all- Bill