Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Regency and BBC Reality & Hello

Here is a program few know about yet all should see....BBC TV series "Supersizers Go Regency"

episode 1-GOUT
episode 2-Oh the roast beef of old england...
episode 3- Hold the cheese mites!
episode 4-Beau Brummel is that you???
episode 5- Byron's crash diet...
episode 6- Beauty secrets of Jane Austen...

As to our merry band here, we all look forward to meeting you all in the Valley. My lady and approximately half dozen of our friends have banded together for this chapter. We are all experienced enthusiasts, museumies, living historians and costumers.

For one I hope to bring more gentlemanly offerings of sport and adventure for the men.

Regards, William (Bill Armstrong)

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